Beware the One-man operation...

When looking for a business, things are not always what they seem. Some are just One-man operations. These One-Man Operations are usually an MLM with 'Amazing' Products found 'exclusively' on their website and they have several 'testimonials' from customers about their wonderful results! send them money to join basically because that is what people do online. People Online Join. MLM. BizOps.

I suggest you stop for a moment to analyze what you are seeing before joining one of these offers, you'll probably save a lot of money, a lot of your time and a lot of frustration.

Do you really want to Represent some of these Businesses? Here is what I mean.

The MLM Company Website: This is half-way talented individual can go to Wix and build a Site in a few days that looks like some multi-national conglomerate. It could be a One-Man Operation.

Payment Processors: There are several. Some are even free. With a few bucks to set it up it will look like your sending money to a big business. It could be a One-Man Operation.

Company Name: They will make up something that sounds relatively medicinal and miraculous. Then that is what they name the website. The name usually has some tie-in to whatever product they say they have discovered. It could be a One-Man Operation.

Incorporated: Check with the State where they claim to do business. If they are really incorporated, look to see if their mailing address is the same State where they claim to be a Corporation. They may be incorporated in Nevada or Delaware, but they have their operation somewhere else. Some may just say they are an Inc. or an LLC...but are not. Check with the local BBB also. It could be a One-Man Operation.

Their Products: Do they make their own? Did you know that you, an individual, with no company of your own can private label CBD Products? You can create a label for CBD Lotions, Oils, Cosmetics, etc...and claim to be a big company and an innovator in the CBD Industry and pass yourself off as a business success. Just takes a few bucks. You can do the private label thing with most 'natural health' pills, potions, drinks, and lotions. Be careful. It could be a One-Man Operation.

Shipping: Are the products sent from their stated location or do the products come from some completely different place? Does it take a long time to get the product once you order? Could mean the 'company' is behind in their payments to the distributor. It could be a One-Man Operation.

When you call Customer Service: Do you get a recording saying they have a 'high call volume' and will get back to you if you will leave a message. It could be a One-Man Operation.

Why am I mentioning these things? One reason is that most new businesses fail over 80% of the time withing 18 months. Do not waste your time. There goes your hope for any lifetime residual income. And the second reason is that these fly-by-night people just want your ‘enrollment’ fee. I do not like seeing people’s dreams shattered.

Oh, sure…they will try to keep things going for a while to collect more and more enrollments, but most could care less about your health or your success. They just want more enrollment fees. Do the math.

Let us say Company XYZ cost $49 for the ‘Start-up Kit’. What you receive is usually digital so the $49 is all profit. If this Company ‘Owner’ only enrolled 1,000 people in a month, World-wide; that is $49,000 in his pocket!!! You can start-up a bogus mlm for under $2,000.

In this case the Scammer clears $47,000. The company folds or can operate a bit more, but either way, someone made some good money that month!

And they do not care how much pain or loss or stress they caused the folks that joined them. A few years ago one such operation was finally shut down by the Government and it was estimated the owner had taken in around $43,000,000.00 in the couple of years he operated.

Please do some research before you sign-up with anyone! It could be a One-Man Operation.

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