Here's The Cost

Have you ever Googled a biz-op to see what it might cost to join it? I have. lol

Let's face it, you find something interesting so, you'd like to know if you can afford it before you get too excited about it...right? And, to be honest, why hide the price?

So...out of respect for you, here's what doing business with me will cost.

1. My20DollarTravelBusiness -


   It will cost you $1 for the first month, then it's just $20 monthly. There is an upgrade to Platinum that's $100 per month. This upgrade is not mandatory. People make good money at the $20 Gold level.

My recommendation, join for a $1. This gives you an entire month to learn the system, see if you like it and to get your marketing organized. This one has fabulous income potential, is simple to build and understand, very easy to duplicate. Lot's of benefits.

2. Power Lead System -

   It's Free for 7 Days then it's $30 per month. This has all the tools needed for building a great online business. Plus, it's packed with training and marketing info. PLS works with any business and is a great 'stand alone' business opportunity in its own right.

3. Organic Prospects -

   You pay $29.95/month for the membership plus a one-time setup fee of $30
(You can cancel at any time without penalty) These are very responsive leads to market your business to. You receive 70 leads per day and this comes with it's own mailer.

4. CTFO -

   This one is FREE. Yep. It's free to join, has no auto-ship required and free members can earn a 20% Commission on referrals. If you do purchase products on auto-ship your commission rate is higher. They have a variety of great CBD Products.

Now for the fun stuff...(you'll love this)

Incentive Marketing is how I bribe you - 

Join any of the Programs on this page (except for CTFO because it's free) and receive a Free 3 Day, 2 Night Hotel Stay. You have 50 Locations to pick from.

You must activate your paid membership i.e....$20/mo with My20DollarTravelBusiness, $30/mo with Power Lead System and immediately with Organic Prospects. Wanna go to Vegas or Branson? Maybe Orlando?


(With CTFO...just purchase one product and you qualify for this offer!) 

Plus...Get This Amazing Longevity Bonus!

Bottom line...I don't succeed unless you do. So my job is to help you. This extra Bonus kicks in if you stay in any one of these Programs for at least 3 months. 

Why 3 months? Because at that point, you'll be on your way to real, sustainable lifetime residual income. This is especially true partnering with me in My20DollarTravelBusiness.

Here's what you'll receive if you stay in any of these businesses as a paid member for at least 3 months!  I will send you a Certificate for $1000 in Savings off your Groceries!!! This is Guaranteed Savings! All you have to do is work with me as a paid member for the next few months.

Regarding CTFO, because membership is free in CTFO you have to be on paid auto-ship for 2 months. Do that and you'll receive the Certificate.

Why do this? Because I know, after over 20 years online, that if you stay in a program for at least this long that you will have started to see, in all probability, some extra profit and; you'll become a partner for life. Why leave if you're earning?

Of course, if you still wanted to quit after you get this Grocery Certificate you can. No hard feelings and you keep the Certificate. What do you think? Do you think this is a good deal?

In 3 months as a member of My20DollarTravelBusiness you will have spent $41 and you get a Guaranteed $1000 Savings on your Groceries. Would that help you? This is in addition to the Hotel Certificate you got for joining originally. Would you spend $40 to be able to save $1000 off your Grocery Cost? 

Join with me today and let's start earning some extra money! Get in touch if you have questions.

Donald Gaw

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I have to mention this (legal stuff). Any Certificates mentioned on this Site come directly from me and are not in any way part of any Business Opportunity on these pages. In other words, if you joined one of my Programs with anyone else as your Sponsor, you can not expect to receive these same Offers. I give these to my Team Partners as a way of rewarding them for signing up with me personally. Disclaimer: Any earnings mentioned are examples only. Your earnings will be determined by your own efforts and motivation.

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