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- A Personal Message -

Hello Everyone, and welcome to this Great Business Opportunity! Please allow me to share some thoughts about r Network. My perspective is based on over 40 years of being self-employed.

The r Network is already in 82+ Countries. It is loaded with great, money saving benefits and more will be arriving shortly. This is not

one of those little 'scan your receipt' to save sites!

To me, the biggest benefit offered is; we will be able to share in the Merchant fees that will be generated every time our members use their free debit cards. This has never been heard of in the Banking Industry.

Imagine, if you will, getting paid several times per day as all your friends and family use their debit card! They're out every day buying gasoline, groceries, paying bills, eating out, shopping online, travelling etc...and we're earning on every swipe.

That alone should get you very excited. When others buy, you earn.

Yes, you'll really get paid by the Bank every time someone in your organization swipes their Debit card. Imagine how it will feel to be paid on hundreds of swipes each day!!!

That's truly Passive Income!


And, there's no selling of anything. Just share this Opportunity to help those you care about. For example, my Wife and I got 2 free Android S-10 Phones, unlimited data, text and talk and; our monthly bill is now just $70 total. That also included free shipping and free activation. 

All we had to do was fill out a short form that the r Concierge provided in our back-office and two days later we got a call telling us how much we would save on our phones. (by the way...even free members can use the r Concierge Service


And, with the Power in our Network, you will also save at over 300,000 outlets on things you already purchase. Take a look at this Overview Presentation from one of our Members: https://www.facebook.com/terilhoop/videos/1357474711097274/

The bigger we get...the better we get!

Please understand what this can do for you and your family and friends. We do not sell anything, No lotions, products etc. The Power is in the savings that we buy every day!!


This can become huge.

Here's a short Video that explains more: https://youtu.be/EfTlIEKYq0Y

Join Today to start Saving and Earning Today.


Here are some of the benefits we can help you with:

  • Mortgages- Re-Finance

  • Medical discounts (huge)

  • Autos

  • Mobile Phones

  • Holidays

  • Free Bank Account

  • Free Debit Card

  • Pets

Obviously, I'm a believer in this company and their vision and goals. With just 3 Charter Members on your Team you can share in the Company-Wide Profits.

That's Global Money!

Other Company Advantages:

  • Solid, Experienced Leadership

  • Low cost to join if you're a paid Member

  • Free Members also enjoy great benefits

  • No selling required

  • Low qualifications for profit sharing

  • Great savings on major purchases

  • Unique, no competition

  • Full-time or part-time okay. 

  • Work from home or anywhere

  • Global

Plus...Loads of other announcements coming soon.

Get on our team today. Everyone receives free weekly training. You will not be left behind.

"You gain absolutely zip from the chances you don't take!"

~ D. G. Gaw

I will be honored to work with you,

Donald Gaw

ID #30539765

Ph: 502-608-9055

PS - Note: You can join for free. (see 'Your Free r Network Membership' Tab) Or...you can join as a Charter Member to be able to earn even more! Your choice. There's no upgrade required.

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Questions? Call me!


Donald Gaw. 

 Call: 502.608.9055 


eMail - donald@donaldgaw.com 

My CashApp ID is: $donaldgaw

For Immediate rNetwork Details - 

Text: wegotbank To: 844-944-0916

Leave a Voicemail:

(877) 769.0595

My r NETWORK ID # is: 30539765
My Shop Freemart ID # is: 29187
My AmazinGrape ID # is: 2017
Dollar Coffee Club ID # is: 905421
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Disclaimer: Any earnings mentioned are examples only. Your earnings will be determined by your own efforts and motivation.

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