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Welcome and thanks for being here. People sometimes ask me why we're Affiliated with the Businesses that we have? I'll try to briefly explain here on our 'Home' page. The main reason is, after 30 years being in business, I've learned to focus on what works. I quit chasing new 

bizops a long, long time ago. Frankly, most of them go out of business within the first year or two. I'm too old to start over. lol

First thing I need you to know is...We Specialize in
Incentive Marketing and We'll Show You
How to do the same for Free!
As an added feature, you also get free Bonuses for your own team. You'll also have access to free training. If you need to know more about my bonus incentive program just get in touch. Contact info is at the bottom of the page.

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How Are You?

Now let me me tell you a little bit about each of my offers...

1. RUVI - Get healthy Naturally. Seriously...know why 97% fail at networking? It's because there is too much competition. Sure...there are some great products online but...chances are...WalMart and Costco have a version of the same thing at a lower price. You cannot begin to compete with their Ad Budget! What I'm saying is...the pills, potions and lotions business is full of millions of people that want to sell before you do! It's why newbies seldom succeed in networking. We overcome that by offering unique products and free incentives for you to use.

RUVI is Fruits and Vegetable...period. Nothing. Else. No questionable pills to try and swallow. Now you can drink your way to great health. It's unique. It's easy. It's affordable. It Works! click here

2. Thrive Life - Simple. Clean. Whole Foods. Freeze Dried Fresh. No Preservatives. No Artificial Junk. No GMOs. Nutrilocked. Up to 25 Year Shelf Life. Great Pay-plan. U.S. based. Create effortless, healthy meals every day with food that stays fresh! No fridge required. Note: Thrive Life is the owner of Ruvi. What you have at Thrive Life is a more convenient way to prepare your meals. And a more nutritious way of eating. It's a premier line of delicious freeze dried and dehydrated foods and is, simply put, a better way. If 2020 has taught us anything it's that we must take steps to protect our loved ones and be ready for any crisis. click here

3. TCP - Chances are you've heard of The Conversion Pros. Their pay-plan is excellent but, the real value is in the TCP System itself. There's a vast Training Center, Marketing Resources, Leads, Page Builder, Auto-Responder, a Contact Manager, Webinar Builder, Broadcaster, CRM, and more. This is for those folks that want to brand themselves as professional online marketers and, it will work with any business you happen to be in. TCP also has a very good Affiliate Program. It can make you money.  click here

4. Sqribble - Create an eBook in 5 minutes without typing a word. Enough said right there. Check it out.  click here

And...just so you know...we've been at this for over 30 years. Besides these opportunities, we give you free weekly training and, you can call anytime daily between 8 am to 8 pm except Sunday. We're in the Eastern U.S. time-zone. This is all we do. We're here to help you grow a great business. So...take a few minutes and look around. It's never too late to start...

Again...Welcome to Our Site. 

All the best,

 Donald Gaw

PS - In the 'About Your BONUS' TAB did you catch the part about Team Members being able to give away the $1,000 Grocery Certificate Bonus at no cost to them for any bizop they may already have?  That's real value...


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I have to mention this (legal stuff). Any Certificates mentioned on this Site come directly from me and are not in any way part of any Business Opportunity on these pages. In other words, if you joined one of my Programs with anyone else as your Sponsor, you can not expect to receive these same Offers. I give these to my Team Partners as a way of rewarding them for signing up with me personally. Disclaimer: Any earnings mentioned are examples only. Your earnings will be determined by your own efforts and motivation.

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