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Donald and Lisa Gaw

Published by: Donald Gaw on 28-Aug-21
You Know This Can Happen


The odds are in your favor. If you keep searching for a way to earn money from home eventually, you'll find something that interests you and you'll decide to give it a try.

You know as well as I do that there are almost an infinite number of business 'opportunities' displayed on almost every computer screen on the Planet. And... not just sometime but 24/7 365. 

They show up on your Facebook Timeline, in your Searches, in Emails and in Texts on your phone. 

Most say the same things. They're curiously somehow, 'Number One'. You'll make a fortune because the company will do all the work for you. And, you will only need about 1 hour each week to run their business so; you'll have time freedom to go to Bali and lay on a beach. Be sure to take your Laptop so you can check their back office to see how much money you've made that day!!!

I'm probably preaching to the choir about now but, the truth is, the Internet is a Business Opportunity Minefield! If you decide to go through said need to be extremely careful. 

If you don't really check out a business you will, at the very least, have wasted a bunch of your valuable time trying to make it work. Of course, in most cases, you unfortunately discover this particular 'Business to End All Businesses' is crap. Their products are second rate, there's no or little Customer Support, and Management has been in and out of numerous past Bizops with limited or marginal success.

Hopefully, you didn't waste too much money this time around. 

When this type of thing happens to you don't be too hard on yourself. One sad aspect of being Online is anyone, regardless of their Moral Integrity; can put up a website, pen 4 or 5 testimonials, make a video or two of someone saying they got rich using the 'new system' and; if they've added a contact form for you to fill might just decide to give it a shot.

Shot is probably the operative word here. Some of these guys are downright criminal. HAVE. TO. CHECK. OUT. EVERY. BUSINESS. YOU'RE. CONSIDERING!!!

However, don't give up. There are some terrific, beneficial, and honest Companies doing business online. Again, you must search until you find one. Or...speak with someone you feel you can trust.

If it's okay with you, let me recommend two Online Companies that I have firsthand knowledge of. Both are solid, well-managed with many benefits.

1. World Profit - founded 25 Years ago, this Company can solve your number one online issue…getting Traffic. They have weekly free Training and all the resources you need to grow any business! Visit them at: Become a free associate today.

2. Here's a no-brainer. CTFO. They're the Leaders in the CBD Oil phenomenon. And, if you do some research, you'll see they have the Science to back up their reputation.

It’s Free to join. You get everything needed to get started. You don't have to buy any products. Auto ship isn't required. There's also a 60-day money back guarantee on products. It's a truly free business you can start and earn commission with. Take a look at:  Oh… My favorite Product of theirs is called Bliss. See it at:

I hope some of this information helps you. The bottom line is: Be Cautious when searching for a business online. Things aren’t always as they seem! I’ve tried to save you some time and money by mentioning two businesses I personally know about. They are first-rate and can be trusted, but of course, it's your choice. 

All our partners receive free training each week and we're available daily. With over 20+ years of being self-employed I feel confident that we can help...and we're happy to do so.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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